Hello, I'm Anne K.

The story of Nine starts with me, Anne, a 30 year old Dutch girl. My whole twenties I spent working to save up money to take off for a few months each year to travel the world. I kept doing this, until last year (2016) I joined a group of 50 digital nomads to travel the world for a year, living and working in 12 cities all over 4 continents. When you travel the world with 50 people, you instantly become a community, one that I would even say became my family. We travelled, worked, lived, ate, explored, laughed, cried and basically did everything together. Soon we became the kind of community that let one another be exactly who they needed to be at that moment, without any judgement. I have never felt so much support from a group of people, which made me grow in ways I didn't think was possible. The value of a community like that is one of the reasons I started Nine. The other thing you realise quite fast when you are travelling the world like we did, is that life as we knew it really wasn't going to cut it anymore. Seeing that you can indeed explore the world, while still having a steady income and a supporting community around you was mind-blowing to me. As a single world traveller, I always had to make concessions at the money and friends and family part. Being able to be a free spirit that wants to discover the world, without losing these important aspects of life, is another big reason Nine was born. After a year of moving every month, exploring the world at the speed of a race car, I was not the only one that longed for some quiet and stability. But it just didn't mean we wanted to go back to our old lives, because we now all had experienced how life could be. It was time to shape our lives exactly the way we wanted, without any restrictions or the chance we would burn ourselves down. For me that meant finding a place where I could still surround myself with these inspiring humans called digital nomads, but where I could do what I do best: making people feel at home in a beautifully designed place. I hope Nine will inspire you as much as it does me. Anne, Traveller, animal and avocado lover, crazy dancer, wanna be surf chick and founder of Nine coliving

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